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A Tour of Thoreau's  Concord

As a licensed tour guide for the Town of Concord, I will gleefully show you where Thoreau spent much of his time.  Our tour will begin in Concord Center with the site of the jail, the town school where Thoreau taught for a few weeks, the Town House where he lectured, and one of the dozen residences of the Thoreau family.  Then we will head to the North Bridge and the Concord River, Sleepy Hollow Cemetery, Thoreau Farm (his birthplace), and Walden Pond State Reservation. 

Duration: Up to 3 hours, mostly walking, with some driving / riding.

Additional options with fees may include taking the house tours of Thoreau Farm, Old Manse, the Alcott's Orchard House, the Wayside, or the Emerson House.

Contact me for more information.

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