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Programs I Offer 
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"Henry David Thoreau comes alive in Corinne's presentations. Combining humor, readings, references and illustrations, Corinne generously shares her wealth of knowledge of Thoreau. She ties the past with the present, showing that Thoreau's message in the 19th century is still relevant today. Her inspiring presentations draw a big crowd, and we are already booking her next lecture!" ~ Valerie Blaine, Nature Programs Manager, Forest Preserve District of Kane County, St. Charles, Illinois

Thoreau for Kids sessions:

  • Rock Collection Boxes. One of the activities from Henry David Thoreau for Kids. A hands-on session to make rock collection boxes from shoeboxes and extra cardboard. Corinne can supply the shoeboxes, cardboard, and the use of some rock and mineral guides. Kids can bring rocks they've already found, and we can identify, label, and store them.

Photos: Corinne at Fairhaven Bay, Concord MA, by Henrik Otterberg, 2016; Corinne speaks in Carbondale PA, by Mary Lynn Brannon, 2017.

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