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Reconstructing History & Genealogy: Mom's WWII Letters

Corinne's discovery of more than 100 letters brought unexpected insights and connections. In May 2017, she found her mother's stash of letters from 16 servicemen that she had corresponded with in 1944-1945. Most of the men were from her mother's hometown of Allentown, Pennsylvania, or from her college roommate's hometown of Trenton, New Jersey. Nearly all of the writers were now gone and could no longer offer information or explanations for what they had written. Corinne began to trace the soldiers' family trees with one goal in mind: to return the letters in person to their children. Learn about her on-going project, and hear some of the stories of the men, their experiences, and what their relatives have to say today. This presentation links history and genealogy to present-day research and diligence. It revisits a time that we may not want to forget. And it may prompt audience members to wonder for themselves what treasures may be lurking in their own old family boxes -- and how they can share the information with others.

This is a 60-minute talk with computer slides. Based on the blog, Mom's WWII Letters.

Read the newspaper account of the story:

"Woman Finds Trove of WWII V-Mail from Allentown Soldiers," by Christina Tatu, The Morning Call (Allentown, Penna.), June 27, 2017.


Some of Mom's WWII letters, found in an old family box.

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