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A Tour of Thoreau's Worcester

We will follow Thoreauís footsteps in a tour developed by former Thoreau Society President and Worcester native Edmund A. Schofield (1939-2010).  We will walk past the sites of the homes of Thoreau friends H.G.O. Blake and Theophilius Brown, various Thoreau lecture venues, and the Natural History rooms. We will see Harrington Corner, the building that once housed Benjamin D. Maxhamís Daguerrean Palace:  the studio that originated the now-famous 1854 Thoreau daguerreotype. We will cross the path of Secret Six member Thomas Wentworth Higginson (1823-1911), who lived and preached in Worcester for a time and who received Emily Dickinsonís first letter here. We will also stumble casually onto some of Worcesterís own rich history, especially in the cityís relationship to the American Revolution. 

Duration: A 90-120 minute saunter that will require walking on the sidewalks of about 20 city blocks, including the traversing of a one-block hill in both directions.

Contact me for more information.

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