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The Fitchburg Railroad

Learn the history of this railroad line built in the 1840s from Boston to Fitchburg, Massachusetts, and under the guidance of businessman Alvah Crocker.  Because the Fitchburg Railroad led right past Walden Pond, its trains and the name of its city are often linked with that of Henry David Thoreau. The naturalist wrote of both in Walden.  Thoreau used the Fitchburg Railroad on at least 20 occasions, and almost always “botanized” from its car windows during his travels.  This presentation will focus on the background history of Fitchburg, the development of its railroad line, and the crucial relationship Thoreau had with both. 

This is a talk with computer slides.  It can be tailored to location, especially any lying along the route.  It can also be done without the focus on Thoreau's relationship with the line.  60-90 minutes or more.


Hosts of past talks include the Fitchburg (MA) Public Library and the Boxborough (MA) Historical Society. My speaking fee is negotiable and may also depend upon travel expenses.

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